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  • Region: Nyeri
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Cultivar: SL28 - SL34 - Ruiru 11 
  • Altitude: 1633 masl
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The New Gikaru Cooperative Society is located in Mukurweini, Nyeri County. The area is located in an area of ​​high potential, with agriculture being the main economic activity. The area is mountainous with a favorable climate that receives moderate rainfall throughout the year.

The New Gikaru Co-operative Society was registered under the Cooperative Societies Act in the year 1965 and split from Mukurwe-ini FCS in 2000 to join Gikaru, which later became New Gikaru F.C.S. It has approximately 3,800 members (small coffee growers), who cultivate a total of 561 hectares of land and produce 461,122 kg of green coffee annually.

Coffee is the main activity, but there is great potential for other economic activities such as fruits, vegetables, macadamia nuts and bananas, which also do well. The company is a coffee producing and trading entity with four factories, namely Ichamara, Mutwewathi, Kiuu, Kahuro and Thangathi.

This lot is a regional blend, which brings together various factories of the New Gikaru FCS. In the cup, succeeds in reflecting the best organoleptic features of a good coffee grown in Nyeri County.