7 Essential elements of Brewing

7 Essential elements of Brewing

While enjoying your morning or afternoon brew, it’s important that you get a basic understanding on the coffee brewing process.

There are some basic factors which influence coffee brewing and will serve you as the foundation to master a great brew:

1. Brew Ratio _ is how much coffee with how much water you need for brewing a cup of coffee. Due to variety of brewing methods, remember that there is no perfect brewing ratio which fits to all.

2. Grind profiles_ You need to choose the right size to extract enough flavor compounds. Different grind size can make all the difference in the taste of your coffee!

3. Time_ It’s important that the brewing time takes only as long as you get to the bitter compounds and stop. You don’t need to extract everything!

4. Water Quality_ Using unfiltered water can have detrimental consequences on your coffee machine and your coffee taste. It’s the water’s ability to extract the right flavor compounds of the coffee.

5. Water Temperature _The water temperature is vital as it helps you to extract enough flavor compounds at a reasonable time. A lower temperature can lead to an under-extracted coffee.

6. Turbulence and agitation_ is mixing the water and coffee. No matter how you prepare your coffee, the grounds need to be moved to facilitate the extraction. It can be achieved in a couple of way: using stirring stick of some kind or just giving the brew a good old shake.

7. Wetting/Blooming_ is a term to use for Coffee brewing when the hot water hits the ground coffee. Brew recipes indicates how long to wait for “blooming”. To see the blooming it truly depends on how freshly roasted the beans are.

Although, there are more factors affecting the final brew results, playing around with some of the aforementioned points will make a big difference in your brew.

Enjoy your home brewing! 

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