We strive to directly source the best coffees possible through our yearly trips to origin and to provide home baristas and coffee lovers with traceable, single origin and high quality roasted specialty coffee by establishing reliable, ethical and environmentally conscious relationships with coffee farmers, also applying all our experience in the coffee industry to the roasting process. From origin to selection, and from roasting to brewing, our focus is always on achieving the highest quality possible.

About us

For years, we have been traveling all over the globe, gathering knowledge, experience, wisdom, and developing our philosophy. Old Man Coffee Roasters is a reflection of that journey. Established in Fall 2020, in Budapest, our company’s mission is to provide quality coffee, combining tradition with innovation. We want our clients not only to drink their coffee, but we also want them to experience it, to learn about its history, origin, and its long odyssey from the farm to your cup. With this aim in mind, we also help local communities and protect the environment.

Quality is what we do

Old Man Coffee Roasters brings you fresh, single-origin 100% Arabica specialty coffee beans, wisely roasted, from the best farms of Africa and Indonesia. Our specialty coffee is grown, processed, shipped, and roasted with high-quality standards as the primary focus. Being a small company allows us to be flexible and fast. We pursue innovation while preserving the tradition of origin. We are selective, we choose only the best beans that African smallholder farmers have to offer. We roast on demand. We personalize roasting profiles to adapt to the tastes of our clients. We do not do volumes, we do small batches. Quality over quantity. Light or dark roast, it’s your choice.

Ethical Trade

Our journey begins at the farm. We travel every year to the coffee’s place of origin, meet the smallholder farmers, and personally select the best beans by cupping them on the spot and later in our Budapest lab. Our partners are cooperatives whom we compensate with prices that reward their efforts, recognize their value, and support their future plans. Therefore, the coffee that reaches Budapest is the result of a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and our company.

Our Green Goal

Our green goal is to create awareness through our first-hand experience. Since we travel to origin, we know the problems of farmers caused by climate change and the logistic pollution related to coffee transportation. Our company does its part in helping the planet by promoting environmentally friendly farming practices, reforestation, and conservation of endangered species. Also, social awareness is crucial to improving the living conditions of rural communities in Africa.