Coffee is a Fruit!

Coffee is a Fruit!

Yep! Coffee is a fruit.

Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee fruit, and it grows on a tree. These coffee trees generate the cherry-like fruits from which we obtain our beloved beverage’s beans; In essence, this means that our regular cup of coffee counts as a fruity treat.

Unlike other fruits where the fleshy portion is consumed, coffee cherries are an exception; their outer layer is discarded and it’s the inner pit that gets processed and ingested. 

Also, though not typically eaten, the pulp of coffee cherries can be processed to create a herbal tea known as “cascara,” which is exceptionally high in caffeine and full of antioxidants.

After undergoing a series of processes and handling, the seeds are referred to as green coffee beans. As the cherries of the coffee tree ripen, they’re picked and their skin is peeled away to reveal green coffee bean seeds. These are dried using natural methods before being milled and roasted into something magnificent. 

Most people are not aware of that coffee is a fruit, and therefore it has the potential to take on a diverse range of fruit flavors. The potential flavors will depend on the variety, processing method, roast profile, brewing method and many more variables.

Bourbon, for instance, is one of the most culturally and genetically important Arabica Coffee varieties in the world, known for excellent cup quality. Recent genetic studies have confirmed that Bourbon and Typica were the seeds brought from Ethiopia to Yemen, and from the latter they spread throughout the world, forming the basis of modern Arabica coffee cultivation.

We hope that this article has cleared up any doubts for you. Just remember: those purple-red cherries grown on trees are actually fruits, while their seeds (coffee beans) inside them make your favorite morning beverage.

What are you expecting to taste on your coffee?

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