Roasting on demand and in small batches

Roasting on demand and in small batches

Coffee roasting on demand is an innovative approach to delivering the freshest coffee beans to consumers by roasting them only when an order has been placed. This ensures that the beans are as fresh as possible when they arrive at your doorstep, preserving their complex flavors and aromas. It is a service where you can select and order your preferred single origin coffee, roasting profile and the particular grind you prefer. As a result, you can indulge in the true essence of single origin specialty coffee.

When we talk about roasting in small batches, we’re referring to a more consistent approach to roast as we use fewer quantities, allowing us to sample and experiment with different developments and roast degrees. The ideal flavor profile, aroma, and characteristics are determined by cupping several initial trial roasts. After achieving the desired flavor profile, the same roasting parameters can be reproduced over and over to achieve the highly desired consistency.

At Old Man Coffee Roasters, we do not only customize your roast profile according to your desired taste, brewing method or personal preferences, but there will be different package stickers to be noticeably visible.

GREEN COLOUR LABEL, means light roast. If you love drip style brewing methods and you look for a more fruity and floral flavors, with delicate yet complex acidity you can choose filter roast.

However, if you are into espresso and Mokka pots, you’d better choose dark (espresso) roast, the RED COLOUR LABEL. This will bring more dark chocolate characteristics to the cup and less or none acidity. If you are not a big fan of acidity, this is your roasting style.

Keep in mind that by choosing light or dark you will not receive extremely dark-roasted or extremely light-roasted beans. Our style is medium dark and medium light. So don’t worry, because we always try to get the highest flavor potential from each bean and roasting style.

We would be glad to receive your comments or suggestions on our roasting profiles.

Enjoy your coffee!

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