"Sweetness" in coffee refers to a particular taste profile that's often described as a sensation of sweetness on the tongue that's not directly related to sugar or other sweeteners. It's the result of a combination of factors, including the origin and variety of the coffee beans, the roast level, and the brewing method. In general, coffee with a higher level of sweetness is considered to be of higher quality, as it indicates a balance of other flavors and characteristics. The sweetness may also be affected by the type of water used, the temperature and time of extraction, and other environmental factors.

As explained by our importing partners and sister company https://www.coffeekilimanjaro.com/, coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee cherry, packed with carbohydrates and amino acids. Coffee cherries that ripen at high altitudes and are harvested at their peak of ripeness will be sweeter. The term 'sweet' is used by cuppers, who are professional coffee tasters, to describe the intensity of the sugary qualities of the coffee when it is swirled around in the mouth. This is one of the crucial attributes of a specialty coffee’s flavor profile and is the mark of a well-made drink.

The method used to process coffee beans can affect their level of sweetness. For instance, a honey or natural process can result in a final cup that is sweeter. Natural processing methods involve allowing the cherry to undergo a light fermentation before removing its outer shells. This process can add to the sweetness and complexity of the coffee. In contrast, coffee that is washed after harvest, skipping the fermentation step, usually has a milder sweetness.

To achieve the perfect sweetness in your coffee, the final stage of brewing is crucial. Whether you prefer drip, pour-over, or any other brewing method, it's important to measure and time your coffee and water accurately, as per the recipe you're using. Generally, the sweetness in coffee helps balance out the bitterness and reduces the saltiness and sourness, resulting in a well-rounded flavor. 
Enjoy the sweetness of Old Man Coffee!
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