What is the Brew Ratio?

What is the Brew Ratio?

A brew ratio refers to the proportion of coffee to water in a certain brew recipe. Hence, what determines whether we get a complex, balanced and aromatic coffee or high acidity one, depends on bean and water quality and how they’re combined.  The chosen ratio will affect your beverage’s strength, mouthfeel and flavor. In other words, we can also say that is the weight of the ground coffee dose used and the weight of the yield (final beverage).

Why is that important to know?

The amount of each ingredient you use matters. So we need to stick to the recipe to prevent coffee’s taste and viscosity. So what helps you mostly in this case is the scale and a timer which you can see beside every barista while brewing.

Some baristas use recipes such as “50 grams of coffee per liter of water for so many cups.” But others will talk about ratios. For example, one may say a 1: 15 ratio. Meaning that you could use a 15 gr dose or a 23 gr dose, and produce two beverages with the same ratio but different yields of 225 gr and 345 gr respectively.

In all cases it is important to try to keep it consistent.

You can follow our method depending on your brewer size:

1 – Heat the water to 92° and grind the coffee (medium to coarse grind)

2 – Place the paper filter and rinse it with hot water, then drain the water

3 – Pour 23g of coffee into the filter, and tare the scales

4 – Pre-infusion: Pour 150g of water, making sure that all the ground coffee is wet

5 – 2nd pouring: After 30 seconds, pour water in a circular motion to reach 320g

Total infusion time: 3 min

Time to enjoy!

These guidelines are good starting places for developing your brew recipe but, to really know what’s best, you’ll have to experiment.

Try different brew ratios with different coffees and Enjoy every single coffee you brew!

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