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This is especially important because, if you haven’t received the order confirmation email, you also won’t receive the email with your shipment notification and tracking information

Inside Hungary (Free Shipping )

Orders from Hungary but outside of Budapest will be delivered within 48-96 working hours after the order.

Calculating Fees : Outside Hungary

When you order products from Old Man Coffee roasters, an estimate of the Import Fees will be levied on all items. With your authorization, these funds are used by the carrier or another agent to pay the Import Fees on your behalf (or the recipients behalf) to the appropriate authorities of the destination country (Import Fees Deposit).The payment of import fees is the responsibility of the importer and is levied based on the laws of the country into which the products are being shipped.

Import Fees Deposits will vary depending on the selected product and shipping method. The Import Fees Deposit is an estimation of the taxes and duties that may apply and isn’t an actual calculation. Customs regulations and tax rates applicable to certain goods may change between the date the taxes and duties were estimated and the applicable taxes and duties on the date of import into the destination country. The duty or tax rate is often determined by the classification of a good, which varies by country and region.

Duties and taxes are calculated based on the market value (actual price before any promotions) of the product and not the price after Old Man Coffee roasters promotions. This allows destination country customs authorities to obtain the accurate import duties and taxes owed to them based on the actual value of the goods.

Important notes

  • If the shipment arrived in your country and there is no response from you, then your shipment will be returned back to the origin country. In this case, we will only refund you the product cost (and customs charges if applicable). Shipping charges will be non-refundable. 
  • After receiving the shipment, if you find any product is missing, then you will have 3 days to inform us. In case, if you didn’t receive your order within 60 days from purchase date, please contact us immediately. We might not accept the concern if received beyond this timeframe.
  • In the rare cases, a shipment can be stuck in customs and may need a declaration or additional documents from your side. If you are failed to provide the requested declaration or additional documents, then we will not be able to offer any refund from our side because the shipment will be confiscated by the customs authorities.
  • In the unlikely event, if there are chances that shipment can be returned back to the origin due to incomplete documents from the consignee, then we may refund you the product cost only.
  • In rare cases, delivery may take longer due to:
    • Bad weather Bad weather
    • Flight delays Flight delays
    • National holidays or Festivals National holidays or Festivals
    • Customs clearance procedures Customs clearance procedures
    • Other unforeseen circumstances Other unforeseen circumstances
    • If you think your order is delayed, please feel free to contact us at If you think your order is delayed, please feel free to contact us at