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  • Region: Ngororero
  • Process: Fully Washed
  • Cultivar: Red Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1616 masl
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Ngororero is a lovely coffee washing station situated in the town of Ngororero, in the Ngororero District. It's named after its location! This station mainly produces fully washed coffee and also handles a small amount of honey and natural lots.


Once the station buys cherries from farmers, they carefully sort them. First, the lower-quality cherries are removed through a process called flotation. Then, specially trained staff visually inspect the remaining cherries for any defects.


After grading, the cherries go through a pulping process that removes up to 80% of the mucilage before fermentation. The parchment is then fermented for 10 hours before being set out to dry in the sun on raised beds. During the drying process, the parchment is regularly checked for defects and moved four times a day to ensure even drying.


Ngororero is highly regarded by many coffee enthusiasts as a classic Rwandan cup, featuring intense sweetness and a spicy aroma similar to some Burundian coffees. It has a wonderfully complex flavour profile, and a light roast brings out an exceptional cup of coffee.