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  • Region: Ngororero
  • Process: Washed
  • Cultivar: Red Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1616 masl
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Ngororero stands as an enchanting coffee-washing station nestled within the captivating town of Ngororero, which is graciously situated in the heart of the Ngororero District. The station passionately crafts an array of coffee offerings, predominantly yielding fully washed coffee, while also tending to a select few honey and natural lots.

Upon acquiring cherries from local farmers, Ngororero meticulously embarks on a process of utter devotion and unwavering determination. The cherries are subjected to a discerning selection process; initially, inferior cherries are tenderly removed through a delicate flotation process, and the remaining cherries undergo an artful visual inspection by specially trained experts, seeking out any imperfections.

Once the cherries are meticulously graded, they embark on a transformative journey. A Sinhalese pulper affectionately embraces the cherries, delicately removing up to 80% of the mucilage before gracefully leading them into a 10-hour fermentation process. The parchment emerges from this transformation, basking in the warmth of the sun upon raised beds, as it gradually dries to perfection. Throughout this drying process, the parchment is attentively tended to, ensuring any imperfections are delicately removed, and it is lovingly moved four times a day, ensuring an even and wholesome development.

Ngororero has carved a prestigious reputation for itself and is revered by discerning connoisseurs as the embodiment of Rwandan excellence in a cup. The coffee emanates an intense sweetness and a stirring, exotic aroma, characteristic of the finest Burundian coffees. Ngororero is renowned for its splendidly intricate flavour profile, where a gentle roast unfolds into an astonishingly superb cup of coffee, a true testament to the dedication and artistry of the station.